We established the Kodesh Net website to provide holy items and Judaica products at the highest level of kosher certification.

The website was founded and is managed by Rabbi Maimon Shushan, a licensed scribe with 20 years of experience in writing and selling mezuzahs, tefillin, megillahs and Torah scrolls.

Rabbi Shushan holds certifications and authorizations from many rabbis and from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

On Kodesh Net’s website, you can purchase products directly using our secure payment system, or call us to receive advice and guidance.

Our goal is to provide high-quality products straight from the scribe, coupled with personalized service and answers to every question or request.

We also offer our services to check and put up the mezuzahs at your home, and we offer telephone consultations with no commitment required.

Always happy to serve you!

Yours truly,

Rabbi Shushan

And the Kodesh Net staff