Bar Mitzvah Tefillin

A Bar- Mitzvah is a pivotal moment in a Jewish boy’s life. It is the beginning of his adulthood and spiritual journey – and one of the first things he is required to do as a Bar Mitzvah – is to wear the Tefillin. It is important to select the right Bar-Mitzvah Tefillin according to family traditions, preferences, quality, and Kashrut. Purchasing such a spiritually important gift can be even more valued if it’s bought in Israel, our Jewish homeland. Some thought must be given as to what kind of Tefillin and where to buy one?

What is Tefillin?

The starry-eyed Bar-Mitzvah boy is required to fulfill the Mitzvah of Tefillin on his special day. Tefillin is a Jewish ritual article made of leather that contains a scroll of four handwritten Torah portions. It is composed of two separate units: Tefillin of the head and Tefillin of the hand. They are placed carefully and must be treated with care. The Tefillin is used usually on weekdays in the mornings with the Morning Prayer and on some other occasions such as Bar-Mitzvah Tefillin.


How to choose Bar Mitzvah Tefillin?

Being such a sacred item, one must take into consideration a few things in selecting the right Bar Mitzvah Tefillin. You should also concider what material the Tefillin is made of, how the master scribe writes on the scrolls, how it is processed and produced, the difference between an Ashkenazi and Sephardic Tefillin or Rashi Tefillin and Rabbeinu TAM Tefillin. In order to choose the right Tefillin for your Bar-Mitzvah boy, you need to know where to buy.


Hot to make sure you get the best Bar Mitzvah Tefillin?

At KodeshNet, we take into account all of the above considerations when offering you the best quality, Kashrut Bar-Mitzvah Tefillin. Our Bar Mitzvah Tefillin include all you need for a Bar-Mitzvah: A Kipa, Talit, Siddur, Tefillin.


This All-in-one idea ensures you don’t forget anything of this importance on such a special day. Plus, buying from KodeshNet is like buying straight from the Master Scribe himself. This assures you get the most Kosher, accurate, elegant and prestigious Tefillin.


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At KodeshNet our products originate from Israel, thus granting a more spiritual and sanctified significance to the Tefillin. Our personal and knowledgeable customer service and easy and accessible on-line store aim for the easiest purchasing experience.


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Rabbi Maimon Shushan,

Master Sofer STaM

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