Mezuzahs from Israel

Congratulations! You are moving into a new home! After all the boxes are in place, it is time to unpack, settle in and set your Mezuzah. Continuing our Jewish heritage is a lot of responsibility. We must choose the right Mezuzah, with proper Kashrut and elegance. We must set it in the right place and maintain and take care of it over the years. Special merit is given to Mezuzahs from Israel. Make sure you buy it in the right place.

What is a Mezuzah?

The Mezuzah is one of the most common traditional Jewish ritual articles. It is commonly used in many Jewish households, whether religious or secular and is considered a source of protection and a blessing. The Mezuzah is set in the doorway in the entrance of the house and in some homes also in the other living rooms. The Mezuzah holder contains a scroll with two carefully hand- written sections of the Chumash. On the back of the Mezuzah appears the initials of G-D name that also means the “keeping of Israel doors”. This adds to the importance of purchasing a Mezuzah from Israel for your new home.


Considerations in selecting a Mezuzahs from Israel

One consideration is usually the design. Today you can find many different designs made of different materials, in different sizes and colors, and all kinds of engravings and decorations. Because the Mezuzah shouldn’t be moved once it is set, besides matters of taste and prestige, one should consider the durability of materials chosen since the Mezuzah is exposed to outdoor climate.


Another consideration is Kashrut – regardless of the design, the scroll must be meticulously written in a certain way by a certified master scribe. Furthermore, buying a Mezuzah from Israel adds to its grace.


Where should I buy A Mezuzah from Israel?

At KodeshNet, an on-line store that provides you a range of Israeli Judaica products straight from the authorized Master Scribe himself. Offering you a Kashrut from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and over 20 years of experience. You can choose from our Catalog a broad range of Mezuzahs from Israel. If you have some difficulty choosing them contact us and consult with our experts on the considerations suited to your needs. After providing all your specific requests, the Master Scribe creates the Mezuzah for you. It is then delivered safely to your home.


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Rabbi Maimon Shushan,

Master Sofer STaM

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